In my Volunteer Coaches Training Academy, coaches will be put through a
practice organization where they will learn hands on techniques and drills
used to run a fun and smooth practice.coach_sideimage

Topics covered: Host a Seminar now and you will receive:
• Practice organization• Psychology of Coaching• Motivating your players• Throwing/Catching• Hitting/Fielding• Bunting• Base Running & More! • 3-5 hour Training Program • Qualified Instructors• Practice Organization Booklet• Your league web site linked to:• Tip-of-the-Month e-mailed
to coaches in your league• Discount on the Baseball Made
Easy Instructional Tapes
“ I just participated in Pete’s Coaches Training Academy. It was outstanding! I would recommend all youth league baseball
programs make this academy mandatory”
“ I’ve honestly learned more in
one afternoon than I have in
my last 3 years of coaching. “
-Donn Pall, Former Major League pitcher for the Chicago White Sox -Randy Metzger, Coach, Gurnee Youth Baseball


If you would like to train your team, individuals or large groups, please call Peter Caliendo at 847-781-8039 or e-mail

Mark Vicari, Vice President of the Roselle Medinah Softball and Baseball Org.  “Pete Caliendo has been certifying our coaches for at least ten years. His approach is even if the parents weren’t baseball or softball players themselves they can still teach their kids the correct mechanics .They leave our clinics with enough knowledge to run a practice.”

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 Jan Sawicki, South Elgin Little League,   “Peter puts on one of the best clinics around.  I have had the privilege to attend 3 different sessions.  I walked away with something new each time.  Our Little League has used Peter twice for our coaches and the responses were excellent.  His approach is easygoing and interactive. He provides coaches with methods that you can use to teach kids the right way to play the game.  His videos are very helpful as well.  Each video provides you with step by step drills and concepts to make your practices more efficient and effective.”

Mike Ostrowski, Coach, “Pete’s charismatic approach to teaching the fundamentals of Hitting, Fielding and Throwing can teach the beginner coach how to turn an entry level ball player into an above average ball player within a few weeks.  His knowledge of coaching and his love of the game is portrayed with enthusiasm and skill.  His coaching sessions are fun, enjoyable and entertaining all at the same time”

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Timothy Gallagher Downers Grove Baseball, “Each year our Coaches, our young players, and our program, get stronger because of the informative coaches clinic and training provided by Pete.  It is the best way to get everyone on the same page and truly excited about each and every season, even before it starts!

Anthony Donato, Elmwood Park Baseball/Softball, “Pete came out to our coach’s clinic and was professional, energetic, patient and knowledgeable.  I have known Pete for a long time.   He not only has a passion for the game, but is very experienced and knowledgeable.  He not only presented drills and practice plans, but also discussed how to deal with situations involved with coaching. 

Fred Coha, Downers Grove Baseball, “Over the past couple of seasons, Downers Grove Youth Baseball has had the distinct pleasure of having one of Baseball’s most passionate alum provide our coaches valuable instruction. Not only, only does he provide technical and fundamental instruction for the coaches to tutor their players, he provides a valuable, realistic, fun approach to coaching youth baseball. It truly is about the kids and the kids having fun. Pete reminds us, and provides us with the tools to create a fun filled season for our youth. Each year our Coaches, our young players, and our program, get stronger because of the informative coaches clinic and training provided by Pete.  It is the best way to get everyone on the same page and truly excited about each and every season, even before it starts!”

Jack Gallo, Professional player, “I have known Peter Caliendo for over 20 years and he has the best training academies for coaches along with outstanding videos.”

Ron Olson, Bloomingdale Baseball Youth Coach. “I attended your clinic in March and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. You did an outstanding job communicating the basic fundamentals and how we can communicate those skills to our youth players.”

Tom Higgins, Youth Coach, “I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed and learned allot from your clinic in Mundelein. I also bought your 5 DVD’s and they’re worth every penny.”

Jack Kratzmeyer, President Edgebrook-Sauganash Baseball. “Your new instructional tapes are awesome. I have been using your tapes with our 9-year old team and you can really see the difference in their skills. The coaches training academy is the best I have ever attended.”

Matt Nokes, Former Major Leaguer with the New York Yankee’s and Detroit Tigers says “Pete’s ability to communicate to all levels makes him one of the best instructors in the business. He has a special skill in training coaches, individuals and teams.”

Ron Santo, Chicago Cub, 9 time National League All-Star & Winner of 5 Gold Gloves, “A must for every coaches and parents library.” “”Caliendo ‘s drills and instruction are among the best I’ve seen” ”One of the best in the business when it comes to training volunteer coaches”

Mike Marshall, Los Angeles Dodger First baseman National League All-Star, “Pete’s proven teaching techniques have helped train players from youth league World Champions to professional players. They will work in helping develop your players and coaches as well.”

Harry Tholen, President, NJCAA Baseball Coaches Association, Baseball Coach Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, Florida, “An outstanding coaching and teaching video. Pete is a renowned international clinician who teaches the fundamentals”

Gary Wietecha, Mundelein baseball coach, “Thanks for taking the time Saturday with us in Mundelein. I found your session to be outstanding and loaded with valuable information and insight. It is clear why you are so successful. As a result of the combination of your broad knowledge and outstanding presentation skills you are a tremendous communicator and teacher.”

Kevin Weiss, Gurnee youth baseball, “Your clinics and videos have really helped me to become a good instructor of the fundamentals and to run fun and effective practices. Last week, I conducted a skills clinic for my team and encouraged the parents to participate so that they would also learn the correct fundamentals and be able to reinforce correct fundamentals when they practice with their children . All the parents attended and they were very impressed. I always receive a lot of complements from parents after practices and at the end of each season.”

Peter Wowk, Canada youth baseball coach, “I attended the Best Ever Clinic in Toronto, Ontario in 2006″. “I really enjoyed your presentation.”

Wendell Williams, Canada Youth Coach, “Thanks for the Coaches Manual. It was a real pleasure meeting and listening to you speak at the conference. I loved your charisma and the way in which you carried yourself. You obviously have a wealth of knowledge”.

Seelochan Beharry, BC baseball coach, Canada, “I heard you the last time (2005) you were here and again this year (2007). In both years, I have enjoyed all the sessions that you ran. We have learnt that this game is fun and we will have more fun teaching it, when we are equipped with the knowledge and skills to be effective teachers. You contributed immensely to our attaining the knowledge and skills that must be learnt and taught. You did this in and entertaining and fun way. Looking forward to see you again in BC, Canada.”

Dewayne Cartwright, VP of softball, “I just wanted to thank you on behalf of our entire league. Your knowledge of the game is impeccable and you also made it fun. But I just wanted to tell you what a great job you did. As a board member I will strongly suggest that this become a critical part of our program.”

Dominic Dovichi Jr., President Buffalo Grove Youth Baseball, “Someone has finally put together a coach’s academy and tape series which is designed specifically for the little league coach. Your clinic was a great success and the coaches wanted more. Many of them used the drills on their first practice.”

Kirk Reiniger, Canada baseball coach, “Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you again for all of your help during our camp. I learned a lot from you and know that the coaches and kids did as well.”

If you would like to train your team, individuals or large groups, please call Peter Caliendo at 847-781-8039 or e-mail Sports International will set up a coaches training program in your country. Specifically designed to train your coaches and to keep them informed on the latest baseball developments. Our goal will be to set up one of our professional coaches in your country with the expertise to develop a continual hands-on, web-based training program.

Most countries, clubs and leagues have a difficult time finding volunteers to coach a sport. The main reason is fear, without some fundamental training, and direction to coach that sport, they lack the basic skills and knowledge to lead that team. By setting up an easy web-based training program you will have volunteers coming to you asking to be a coach in your sport.

To get started, inform all parents that you have a training program in your sport for volunteers who have never coached, including a basic fundamental template to help them run practices, teach skills and have fun with the players. Then ask “Who wants to be a coach?!” Caliendo Sports International will help you to formulate your template for a successful practice including the latest training techniques.

Check out our calender for the coaches seminars being held around the world.

Click Below to view the Baseball Made Easy Calendar of Events:

You can see the locations all over the World in which Caliendo Sports International will be hosting coaches training programs, international competition and follow Peter Caliendo’s travels.

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