Caliendo Sports Baseball Softball Academy Trips.

Caliendo Sports offers international baseball competition and the cultural experience along with state of the art academies. It staff highly motivated and modern thinking coaches for the development of player’s fundamental, mental and physical development. It includes on all its international trips a sports academy.

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Our goal is to make you aware of your ability to train yourself by learning the many new drills, techniques and mental training that allows you to be a better player. The trips include the tours to experience the culture of that great country along with your family, competitive games, but it also offers a lot more when we include the baseball training.

The training in the Academy has been developed and structured by long time Baseball Skills Development Coach Peter Caliendo.

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This is a great opportunity to compete at a high level, improve and refine your fundamental skills, receive an evaluation of your skills and what you need to work on, along with

Players will be taught many facets of the game in a new modern approach to coaching

  • Taught to think on your own
  • Make decisions during a game on your own
  • Communicate with others
  • Be able to make adjustments on your own, whether it be on hitting, pitching, fielding.
  • Feel more natural on the movement of your body in relationship to your skills
  • How to deal with pressure
  • What to do when you fail, how do you change it

Fundamentals covered

Individual positions such as pitching, catching, SS, 2b etc.

  • Fundamentals of throwing, correcting footwork and hand positions.
  • Hitting fundamentals, balance, staying inside the ball, bat control, body control, timing, vision training.
  • Team work, bunt defense, 1st and third and more
  • Training along players from Puerto Rico
  • Competing along and against players from Puerto Rico
  • Class room debriefing on games and game strategy