In my Volunteer Coaches Training Academy, coaches will be put through a
practice organization where they will learn hands on techniques and drills
used to run a fun and smooth practice.coach_sideimage

Topics covered: Host a Seminar now and you will receive:
• Practice organization• Psychology of Coaching• Motivating your players• Throwing/Catching• Hitting/Fielding• Bunting• Base Running & More! • 3-5 hour Training Program • Qualified Instructors• Practice Organization Booklet• Your league web site linked to:• Tip-of-the-Month e-mailed
to coaches in your league• Discount on the Baseball Made
Easy Instructional Tapes
“ I just participated in Pete’s Coaches Training Academy. It was outstanding! I would recommend all youth league baseball
programs make this academy mandatory”
“ I’ve honestly learned more in
one afternoon than I have in
my last 3 years of coaching. “
-Donn Pall, Former Major League pitcher for the Chicago White Sox -Randy Metzger, Coach, Gurnee Youth Baseball


If you would like to train your team, individuals or large groups, please call Peter Caliendo at 847-781-8039 or e-mail

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If you would like to train your team, individuals or large groups, please call Peter Caliendo at 847-781-8039 or e-mail Sports International will set up a coaches training program in your country. Specifically designed to train your coaches and to keep them informed on the latest baseball developments. Our goal will be to set up one of our professional coaches in your country with the expertise to develop a continual hands-on, web-based training program.

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Most countries, clubs and leagues have a difficult time finding volunteers to coach a sport. The main reason is fear, without some fundamental training, and direction to coach that sport, they lack the basic skills and knowledge to lead that team. By setting up an easy web-based training program you will have volunteers coming to you asking to be a coach in your sport.

To get started, inform all parents that you have a training program in your sport for volunteers who have never coached, including a basic fundamental template to help them run practices, teach skills and have fun with the players. Then ask “Who wants to be a coach?!” Caliendo Sports International will help you to formulate your template for a successful practice including the latest training techniques.

Check out our calender for the coaches seminars being held around the world.